A Letter To Our Community

Dear Mobile Community and Customers in the Mobile Market

It is with heavy hearts that I announce the closure of the weekly Mobile Market stops. It wasn't our intention to stop abruptly. We did have plans. But as the old saying goes "The best laid plans..."

Heather Tulloch will be leaving the Mobile Market as the Community Food Connector. Heather's energy and enthusiasm have been an inspiration to the Mobile Market over 18 months. We can all agree on that. Heather's joy has brought such joy to our lives each week. We are reminded that Mobile Market is not only about food, but about community. Heather will be missed. But, we are thrilled to see what Heather does next and know that she will shine the same way as ever.

Mobile Market customers like you are very much indebted to our passion and energy. Heather met people of all walks of life and shared stories about their lives. Your passion for helping people connect and feed themselves during a global crisis was the Mobile Market's lifeblood. We hope you found the Mobile Market a place to make connections with your local community, and also get your weekly produce. I would also like to thank you for investing in local growers. Your attendance at the Mobile Market was a clear signal that fresh and local was important. The local growers were also able to hear you. During the Mobile Market run, you donated to more than fifteen local farmers. This supports an industry that is important to Chatham-Kent.

We are grateful to the local growers and farmers for their continued investment and support of our community. You have helped us to grow delicious and fresh produce, and also provided food donations. We tried to get the freshest produce possible from local growers each week. This included tomatoes, lettuce, potatoes, onions, beets (potatoes), peppers, tomatoes, and more. All those who attended the Mobile Market were touched by your kindness. We hope the Mobile Market was just as supportive of you as it was for us.

Your passion for connecting growers and farmers in our community was an inspiration. Your willingness to both financially support our community but also take part in the weekly markets spoke volumes to your devotion to our community. I want to thank Libro Credit Union (and Howard Mutual) and Chatham-Kent Community Foundation especially for their support. The community and me are truly grateful.

Last but not less, we want to say thank you to Billy Boy (Prodenchuks') Chatham who was such a gracious and supportive host for the Mobile Market produce. They gave their warehouse to us and allowed us to store the produce every week. We also had a place for our boxes to be packed. Their passion and dedication to our community are unmatched.

We are still connecting you to fresh, local produce. While it might seem different, the Mobile Market collaborates with community partners in order to come up with a new way to connect everyone to fresh, local produce.

While we sort out all the details, please be sure to keep up-to date

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Kindest regards,

Phillip Mock
Project Coordinator
Prosperity Roundtable
(519) 365-4042